Gallus Arts Advisory is the performing arts consultancy run by Sophie Travers. Since launching Gallus in 2006, Sophie became International Development Manager, Europe for Australia Council for the Arts. Thus Gallus is dormant as an advisory, although this site will be periodically updated with arts experiences and projects of relevance to the ongoing Gallus endeavour. Sophie developed Gallus to become one of the most dynamic and responsive supporters of the performing arts in Australia. With a list of over seventy clients, Gallus has maintained a broad focus whilst making timely interventions in the operations and initiatives of small, medium and large scale arts bodies across Australia. Projects have ranged from policy research and review papers for Government to one-to-one planning sessions for independent artists, covering anything from the first steps in strategic planning to international tour producing. For more information please click through the menus of services or search the database of projects.
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Melbourne Art Fair

August 13, 2014



In my brave new role, I am to venture professionally into the visual arts, rather than meander around there off duty. Not sure this is a healthy development…especially not sure after the exertions of MAF Vernissage where the flamboyant masses of the Australian art world gathered to quaff champers, air kiss and eye off each […]

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Pearl Lam at NGV

August 12, 2014



I was very inspired to attend the talk with Hong Kong gallerist, Pearl Lam at the NGV to launch Melbourne Art Fair. I was really impressed by the light, playful and ironic tone of this event, and the way in which big ideas and profound insights were delivered sparingly and with real integrity. If this is any […]

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Australian Dance Theatre Peer Review Day

August 10, 2014



I was honoured to be asked to accompany some weighty peers on a day of reflection and analysis with key executive, artistic and Board members of Australian Dance Theatre. It is refreshing to see a company of this stature consider first principals and embrace radical input. I was impressed by the openness to honest feedback […]

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