Gallus Arts Advisory is the performing arts consultancy run by Sophie Travers. Since launching Gallus in 2006, Sophie became International Development Manager, Europe for Australia Council for the Arts. Thus Gallus is dormant as an advisory, although this site will be periodically updated with arts experiences and projects of relevance to the ongoing Gallus endeavour. Sophie developed Gallus to become one of the most dynamic and responsive supporters of the performing arts in Australia. With a list of over seventy clients, Gallus has maintained a broad focus whilst making timely interventions in the operations and initiatives of small, medium and large scale arts bodies across Australia. Projects have ranged from policy research and review papers for Government to one-to-one planning sessions for independent artists, covering anything from the first steps in strategic planning to international tour producing. For more information please click through the menus of services or search the database of projects.
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July 9, 2014



Just because the kids are in tow, does not mean we cannot go to the darker corners of contemporary art. Sure, they gave me a bit of a warning at Douglas Gordon at ACCA, but the boys were captivated by his snake charmers, scorpions and elephant’s eye. Paola Pivi’s colourful polar bears were pretty tame […]

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Cultural Mobility meeting in Melbourne

June 12, 2014


2064_200x   After attending this meeting in Prague in 2011, I worked closely with the organisers, On the Move, to ensure that the second meeting could take place in Melbourne alongside our IETM Asian Satellite. This involved a great deal of communication and cooperation to engage both with the funders of the meeting, Asia Europe […]

Coverage of IETM Satellite

May 30, 2014



I was really pleased to see this press coverage in Thailand, by delegate Pawit Maharasinand, who was such a pleasure to deal with. It is really gratifying to read the response of his colleagues from Democrazy whom we also supported, and to hear how they meeting shifted their ideas.   B16 May29 Also, […]


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