Gallus Arts Advisory is the performing arts consultancy run by Sophie Travers. Sophie has recently returned from an 18 month posting in Brussels and continues in the role as Project Director for the Australia Council Collaboration with the IETM network. Thus Gallus is dormant as an advisory, although this site will be periodically updated with arts experiences and projects of relevance to the ongoing Gallus endeavour. In the last five years, Sophie has developed Gallus to become one of the most dynamic and responsive supporters of the performing arts in Australia. With a list of over seventy clients, Gallus has maintained a broad focus whilst making timely interventions in the operations and initiatives of small, medium and large scale arts bodies across Australia. Projects have ranged from policy research and review papers for Government to one-to-one planning sessions for independent artists, covering anything from the first steps in strategic planning to international tour producing. For more information please click through the menus of services or search the database of projects.
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Kath Papas reports on her IETM project on Artery

December 12, 2013


Kath_Papas_artery-700x336 Good to see Kath writing with insight about her trip to Europe to engage with international presenters and producers in the same field as her diverse clients.

More IETM Satellite coverage

December 11, 2013



Good to see more quality coverage of the IETM Satellite meeting I am producing in May next year. It is a huge project and is pretty overwhelming but I do think it will be quite interesting. 102 Australian Expressions of Interest from the Australians. Hope to have some news about that soon too.  

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5 Short Blasts

December 8, 2013


1L6bb047eb-bb84-4005-84a0-40d24edee631 Attended this City of Melbourne Arts Participation Program project by local artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphries. Took the little dinghy out into the Docklands and listened to the voices of all the water folk they taped as well as the live performances by trumpet and tuba players. Would have been quite charming if […]

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