Gallus Arts Advisory is the performing arts consultancy run by Sophie Travers. Since launching Gallus in 2006, Sophie became International Development Manager, Europe for Australia Council for the Arts. Thus Gallus is dormant as an advisory, although this site will be periodically updated with arts experiences and projects of relevance to the ongoing Gallus endeavour. Sophie developed Gallus to become one of the most dynamic and responsive supporters of the performing arts in Australia. With a list of over seventy clients, Gallus has maintained a broad focus whilst making timely interventions in the operations and initiatives of small, medium and large scale arts bodies across Australia. Projects have ranged from policy research and review papers for Government to one-to-one planning sessions for independent artists, covering anything from the first steps in strategic planning to international tour producing. For more information please click through the menus of services or search the database of projects.
February 24, 2015
February 17, 2015
February 15, 2015
January 22, 2015

Summer gallery activities with children in Melbourne

January 22, 2015


It is holiday season, so we have been working the free activities across Melbourne’s galleries. We were mightily disappointed by ACCA’s summer Menagerie exhibition. Even the kids seemed turned off by the messy and random curation and the afterthought of a table with plastic toys in the foyer was insulting. The activity trail was totally […]

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HIAP, Helsinki Artist Residency Visit

December 19, 2014


I was fortunate to visit Suomenlinna Island, the Unesco Heritage listed island in Helsinki harbour where HIAP have their international artist studios. Whilst in Helsinki I had a meeting with Australia Council resident artist, Katie Goodwin who has been documenting her stay on the island and in the polar winter of northern Finland on her […]

Meetings, shows and museums, Helsinki

December 18, 2014


A winter visit to Helsinki was rich with encounters; some familiar, some new. Whilst Kiasma, one of my favourite contemporary art museums, was closed for renovations, I did manage to see the very interesting exhibition at the Kunsthall, Taidehalli- The Last Artists- I had a meeting with the Director of Kiasma, who expressed a […]

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