Trouble festival, Brussels

Posted on June 4, 2012

Presented Australian live art context in a panel of international experts from Spain, Poland, Belgium, France, Finland and the UK.


PERFORMANCE ET INSTITUTION, UN MARIAGE IMPOSSIBLE? Trouble invites ‘institutional’ representatives of performance to show the diversity of institutional approaches, ranging from rejection or indifference to recognition, depending on which part of the continent one is in ….

“Performance and the Institution; an impossible marriage?” Panel comprising of members of A Space for Live Art network, including CJ Mitchell from Live Art Development Agency, London; Leena Kela, advisor to Turku festival in Finland; Pablo Berastegui Lozano from Matadero, Madrid; Jean-Philippe van Aelbrouck and Stephanie Pecourt from the Minstry of Wallonie-Brussels; Wojciech Krukowski from Akademia Ruchu in Poland; Benoit Hennaut a Belgian performing arts pedagogue and Laurent Deveze, director of the Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts in Besancon.