Lille Fantastic

Posted on November 24, 2012

We traveled to nearby Lille as a family to enjoy the city-wide Fantastic program that is the ongoing commitment of the city to the legacy of the European Capital of Culture. A parcours of all the public art installations in the city took us to “The House that Fell from the Sky” as well as to the wonderful “Sea of Fog” outside the Gare Lille Europe. We also loved the Angels and Demons of AES+F and the Nick Cave fluffy suspended monster as well as Ross Lovegrove’s UFO. At the Gare Saint Sauveur we took in a huge exhibition of large scale, accessible works by artists such as Carsten Holler, Bruce Naumann and Oscar Munoz. For the kids, the highlight here was the ghost train by Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron as well as the Fantasticite by Barnaby Gunning, a futuristic, fantastical lego city. I loved Numen’s Tape Installation, an enormous maze made of sticky tape that kids actually climbed into, as a womb or cocoon and seemingly never escaped.