Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform, Helsinki

Posted on December 19, 2012

I traveled to Helsinki, to join 300+ presenters, producers and artists for the biennial dance platform, Ice Hot. Over the course of four days I saw 17 full length shows and twelve excerpt presentations. I also attended a couple of Info Cells and did a lot of networking in the late night meeting point, not to mention on the dance floor at the final party. Aside from the fantastic opportunity to spruik the Australian dance platform Dance Massive in 2013, I was principally in Helsinki to support a major collaboration in my IETM program involving Australian artists from Moriarty’s Project, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Critical Path and Strut with their partners in Helsinki (Zodiak) and Kuopio (Regional Dance Centre). This was the best organised platform I have ever attended and I learned a lot about the little touches of hosting international guests from the excellent local team. I hope I can find some way of attending Ice Hot 2014 in Norway.



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