Hors Saison Dance Program, Paris and ONDA Rencontre Danse

Posted on February 28, 2013


I traveled to Paris for the second time in two weeks to attend the two day dance meeting held annually by ONDA- http://www.onda.fr/

Concurrent with the daytime encounters with artists and networking with presenters there is the dance program curated by Arcadi at Theatre Gennevilliers and Theatre de la Cite International. I enjoyed presentations by Noe Soulier, Hetain Patel, Fabien Barba and Sofia Dias and Victor Roriz.

In the meeting of over 100 international presenters, Angela Conquet from Dancehouse and I represented the Australian contemporary dance sector and were met by the usual standoffishness of the French presenters and warmth and generosity of our other international peers. The French invented “hostile-hospitality” that’s for sure.

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