Finland-Australia Dance Exchange

Posted on March 14, 2013


I am delighted to see the above links on Dance Info Finland and the Finnish Embassy in Canberra, describing the second stage in the dance exchange I have been producing in this Brussels based position. Having supported a delegation of Australian presenters and artists to attend Ice Hot in Helsinki in December 2012, I traveled with them to firm up three sets of exchange parnterships. Now a delegation of eight Finns are in Melbourne for the Dance Massive festival, where they will see a broad range of Australian work and meet with another tier of potential partners whom I have scoped out as interested in this kind of exchange. I am really proud of this project as it has built organically in a very modest way, without fanfare or hyperbole. It is based on strong person to person connections and mutual interest. The investment is absolutely fifty fifty between Finland and Australia and each artist or organisation involved is doing so for very personal reasons, rather than political or marketing imperatives. I am hopeful that the visit to Australia will be as encouraging as our Finland visit last year and that the partnerships established will be cemented, with a few, equally sustainable new ones added.

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