WAI, Jeunesses Musicales, Brussels

Posted on March 22, 2013


I was really impressed by this Maori music group brought to Flagey for a series of schools and public concerts by the Belgian branch of the international organisation Jeunesses Musicales. I happened to have bought tickets for both my sons as I live right next to Flagey and was curious for professional purposes to see how the indigenous art and culture context would be framed here. I was suprised to find that my elder son was also booked in to go with his primary school class, so he was lucky to see the group twice in one day. And really happy to do so. So much so, that he was the only boy to get up on stage and learn a dance with the larger-than-life performers who certainly gave a resounding sense of pride in their native culture. It was your state-of-the-art cultural diplomacy event as the MC gave a really accessible but political introduction to Maori history and current culture. The music was a great mix of genres too and the kids were transfixed throughout.


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