Hotel Resilients, FoAM, Brussels

Posted on March 25, 2013

This Saturday night event typified much of the underground arts activity that I find so impressive in Brussels. FoAM is an organisation that prioritises ecological research and new ways of thinking about sustainable society through arts and culture. It offers residencies for artists in an impressive warehouse space on the edge of the city and when it hosts events, it does not do things by halves. This production took over the entire second floor of a vintage hotel in Ixelles and programmed ten rooms with a mixture of installation and performance that consisted of the ephemera of projects addressing core FoAM themes. As usual for FoAM, there was tantalising catering and a really warm inclusiveness that crossed all sorts of language barriers and opened up some interesting conversations. I was proud to see a project supported by the previous Director in my role, David Pledger, included in the program. Time’s Up presented their boat journey across the Murray River and the canals of Belgium and Tim Boykett was there in person to animate the bedroom taped up to show the very narrow confines of their boat.