Burning Ice Festival, Kaaitheater

Posted on March 29, 2013



Attended the annual Burning Ice festival for the second time since I have been living in Brussels. This year the programme seemed smaller and more focused, with the theme “When Animals Look Back” turning upon topics of Interspecies Communication. I attended the lecture that offered a very coherent precursor to the festival from Vinciane Despret + Didier Demorcy. I really enjoyed the installation at the Kaaistudios that accompanied their films and lecture. I then attended the opening festival event, a film night that featured The Way You Move Me by Australian artists Sonia Leber and David Chesworth. This was a bit of a ragbag of a program and I am not sure how well it served our artists, particularly as the Arts Catalyst curator who opened the evening was all over the place. I also attended Animal Dances by German choreographer Martin Nachbar and the exhibition The Black Lamb by Belgian artist Els Dietvorst.