IETM Advisory Board

Posted on April 14, 2013

I am very privileged to be elected to the new IETM Advisory Board which “operates as a think-tank to discuss the direction of the network regarding middle and long-term strategy, and to maintain close relations with the membership.”

Now that there are thirty Australian members of IETM and I am able to continue in this role as the connection with Australia Council and the Australian membership, it seems appropriate to have a more influential role in the shaping of the network’s strategy and activities. I am really flattered to be part of a very diverse and interesting group of individuals, as one of the five new members entering at this phase of renewal and change in IETM’s history. With a new Secretary General and a new President as well as several new Board members, and the creation of a new three year plan for IETM, I hope to contribute and to learn from this experience.