Who says there is no money in Europe?

Posted on April 24, 2013


There was a rather queasy display of wealth on the stage and in the auditorium at the opening night of Michele Noiret’s Hors-Champ at the Theatre National this week. When much of my daily work and life revolves around “the crisis” and austerity measures affecting life and work in Europe, it felt slightly immoral to see this dance theatre creation with its incorporation of dancers, cameraman, screened and live elements and a large moving set. There is clearly no lack of financing at this level as the list of co-producers showed. I was there rather awkwardly as the guest of one of them, Theatre Chaillot in Paris, and felt rather out of place amidst the suited great and good in a city where nothing is usually ever formal and nobody seems to show any signs of ostentation. I have been to a few presentations at Theatre National, many of them international works such as The Blue Boy from Brokentalkers, and now that I think about it, they have mostly been large scale and possibly slightly overwraught like this one. Brussels is a city where the rough seems to fit better.



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