La Maison Particuliere, Brussels

Posted on April 27, 2013


Brussels seems to have been slow to offer up its delights to our family, but now that we are leaving, they are coming thick and fast. The Maison Particuliere is a wonderful discovery. Ten minutes from our apartment, in a quiet residential street in Ixelles, this airy two storey house contains a number of beautiful rooms full of art from private collections. The Voyages Interieurs show which will be the only one we will catch this time round, had some stunning work with a real human engagement. I went with my youngest son and he enjoyed the many quirky stools and seats upon which we could linger to read the catalogues and books scattered tastefully throughout. While some of the works were a bit flash, there were some quieter rooms, with a more contemplative feel and I particularly enjoyed Leandro Erlich’s Cloud Collection, Sam Samore’s Allegories of Beauty and Desiree Dolron’s Xteriors.