Trouble Festival, Brussels

Posted on April 27, 2013

For the second time during my sejour in Brussels, I have been able to attend the Trouble festival of live art at Les Halles de Schaerbeek. Unlike last year, where I was a panel member for the seminar, I attended only as a punter and enjoyed two of the four days of programming. On the first day I was impressed by the theatricality and strong images in Prises/Reprises by Denis Mariotte. I found Punishing by Sinisa Labrovic rather predictable and limited but I was amazed by the scale, ambition and extravagence of Robin Pourbaix’s piece. It was great to be part of the opening night buzz and I enjoyed meeting with and viewing a small intervention by Richard Dedomenici, the British Artist in Residence who is puncturing the festival with small works in and around Les Halles. On the Friday night I attended as the guest of Robert Pacitti and enjoyed his film, On Languard Point immensely. I could not say the same for the many other pieces I saw between 6pm and midnight, with the exception of Jean-Biche’s Becoming Preciado. I nevertheless enjoyed meeting with several presenters from the Space for Live Art European network and also took in the installations and video work shown throughout the building.