BOZAR Family Day

Posted on May 1, 2013


This was the second Family Day we attended at BOZAR, and run by the same external kids’ creativity organisation Turtle Wings, whose classes and open workshops we have also enjoyed here. Turtlewings did a good job of creating a central play zone in the main BOZAR Hall, as they did for the Denmark day we attended (where Lego featured widely). They also located craft zones throughout the Watteau exhibit, and our kids made fans, masks and puppets inspired by the paintings on the walls. It has to be said however that the paintings were not of great interest to the kids and the show was not curated in an accessible way. The small paintings were hung too high for them to see and the detail was not at all apparent to anyone under five foot tall. Also the dark lighting and the hovering, hawk like gallery attendants made the exhibition spaces pretty unpleasant places to hang out. The fact that the Family Day ticket, already costing 32 euros for four of us, did not grant us access to the other two paid exhibitions that day made us feel like second class citizens, especially as both of these exhibitions- Neo Rauch and Francis Bacon- were much more colourful, animated and appealing to kids. The bad attitude of a lot of the BOZAR staff also put a bit of a dampner on the event. I feel like BOZAR is paying lip service to families. It is a rather elitist, inaccessible high art institution.