Platform meeting of European and Asian funders

Posted on June 9, 2013

I was delighted to travel to Prague- intact despite the floods- for a two day conference on arts and mobility funding between Europe and Asia. The event attracted almost fifty representatives of government, trusts, foundations and projects dealing with arts workers in transit and was a fascinating and inspiring experience. I really enjoyed meeting my colleagues from Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, The Philippines and China and of course the Europeans, from Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Croatia. I chaired a rather intimidating final public Assembly and had the hard task of keeping the loquacious Czech Deputy Minister for Culture to an 8 minute speech limit. I also gave a presentation on my work between Australia and Europe and enjoyed very much spending time at receptions and meals and networking events with this stimulating group of radical thinkers.


Culture 360 covered the event with this interesting article-