Next Wave Festival 2014

Posted on May 12, 2014


I attended as much as I could of the Next Wave festival before the international delegates for the IETM Asian Satellite arrived. Over the weekend into which we absorbed our delegates, I still managed to see several shows, but mainly I tried to get around before they all arrived in order to advise on the suitability of productions for those with programs I know well. I really enjoyed Maximum by Natalie Abbott and Fluvial by Speak Percussion. Kids Killing Kids, a collaboration between Boho and Sipat Lawin from The Philipinnes was another highlight as was Tania El Khoury’s Gardens Speak. The visual art was all very interesting and I enjoyed having the time to sit with the paper boats of Phuong Ngo from Vietnam. This was Emily Sexton’s last festival and I look forward very much to seeing both who fills her shoes and what she goes on to do next.