IETM Asian Satellite success

Posted on May 17, 2014


I am happy to report that the Satellite meeting went well. With over 240 delegates, from 34 countries, all the sessions seemed to go off smoothly and there were some delighted comments at the summing up by Robyn Archer on the final day. The major success seems to have been the presence of delegates from unexpected places- Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Sri Lanka- and the way they were given the floor. I worked really hard to ensure we had majority Asian participation, so that the Australian and the European voices were secondary to our friends in the region. Personally, I was thrilled to meet young artists from Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia who all inspired me with their enthusiasm and energy. I also really enjoyed hearing about the state of the art developments in presenting and venues in Hong Kong alongside grass roots funding initiatives, such as subsidising shows through pizza sales or pop up merchandise. So, a happy event and one that I hope will lead to many and various outcomes.