Maison Rouge, Paris

Posted on July 12, 2014


Once more I found myself at Maison Rouge in Paris, the private collection of the clearly rather troubled M. Antoine de Galbert. This time serving as a jet-lag repellant on a quick stopover en route to Avignon, a long visit to the gallery was more intriguing, yet repulsive than my previous initial drop in.


The exhibit, Le Mur- the wall, was a challenge to curation, hanging work according to an algorithim without wall cards and a website available through wifi instead. Whilst there were some gems hidden amidst the several hundred works on display, there was also a lot of dross and it was easy to become hypnotised by the thematics that seemed to draw lines between the work rather than allow it to speak for itself. Rather brown, rather visceral and definitely lumpen, I found myself a bit disenchanted by this show, but not deterred from another visit. Neverless I think David Walsh wins the sex-and-death chocolate watch.