Melbourne Art Fair

Posted on August 13, 2014

In my brave new role, I am to venture professionally into the visual arts, rather than meander around there off duty. Not sure this is a healthy development…especially not sure after the exertions of MAF Vernissage where the flamboyant masses of the Australian art world gathered to quaff champers, air kiss and eye off each other and the pretty gaudy offerings of a good sixty or so galleries. I enjoyed the performance work featuring several artists I know, and was surprised to come across artists with whom I have worked in my freelance career. These were friendly and fun but over the duration of the two hours I managed to hang in there on the opening and the two days I found myself back there on consecutive days, I was struggling to find space for it all in my head. The galleries ranged from the big names to the project and video spaces, and whilst the works chosen for display were clearly selected to sell, it was obvious to even my beginner’s eye that there is quite a range of approaches to the fair and the market.

Posted in: Visual Art