Tanzmesse, Germany

Posted on September 1, 2014

I accompanied an Australian delegation to the biennial German dance fair, Tanzmesse, in Dusseldorf. With close to 1500 delegates, this was an enormous event. I was initially rather hesitant about the trade fair element of the event, however there was sufficient representation from people whom I value and trust that this became a very worthwhile networking experience. The performance program was rather hit and miss, with some work that really did not look good in the venues chosen. My highlight was Sienna by La Veronal from Catalunya. I organised a series of meetings for our delegation, with Belgian, Nordic and Korean partners. This was well received and enabled us to break down the vast numbers of delegates into some more manageable groups. I enjoyed many of hte receptions and drinks and spent a lot of foyer time in conversation with contacts old and new. The studio presentations were also interesting, as was the talk by German choreographer, Raimund Hoghe, who very sweetly remembered me from our first meeting in 1999 and gave me his book as a souvenir. http://www.tanzmesse-nrw.com