Field Theory, Site is Set- Astrojet

Posted on September 13, 2014

I took the bus ride that Field Theory produced as part of their Site is Set suite of projects. Created by Zoe Meagher, an artist whose work I had not yet encountered, and departing from ARI, Blindside, this was a production full of promise. I really admire Field Theory, the collective of artists who united to raise their own resources for producing work outside of the conventional Australian structures. If it does not exist, then go ahead and create it. A brilliant ethos. Whilst this work was intriguing in premise and had an excellent team associated with it, including the very bright Lara Thoms and Liz Dunn, I have to admit to being a tad underwhelmed by the rather whimsical delivery and underpowered theatricality. The Astrojet centre at Melbourne Airport is an extraordinary discovery, but somehow the glib and rather limping commentary that precluded our arrival there, left me feeling tetchy and impatient with the too-easy irony, rather than open to wonderment, which could have been an illuminating standpoint. It is fun to go on a bus trip and I am always up for something new, so on balance, I’m not anti Astrojet, I just wish that some of the real power of revelation that the site and our approach to it contained, could have been transfered in a more impactful way.

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