Frieze London

Posted on October 29, 2014

I traveled to London to attend Frieze and Frieze Masters, the art fairs in Regent’s Park. This was my first time at an international fair of such calibre and there was a lot to take in. I was disconcerted to find no Australian galleries represented and very few Australian curators or artists present. I was accompanying Head of Visual Arts, Australia Council, Julie Lomax, who is an old hand in such contexts. I enjoyed very much taking the Friday after all our back-to-back meetings to peruse the many stands of Frieze and the Sunday to check out Frieze Masters. I went to some of the talks and presentations and even watched one of the films screened daily in the auditorium. The most surprising thing for me was the focus on performance, with several stands featuring ongoing live performance and several dedicated projects commissioned by the fair making up a Frieze Projects strand. Australia Council had supported choreographer and performer Adam Linder, based in Berlin, to dance with a colleague throughout the fair in the Silberkuppe gallery booth and this was definitely one of the better interventions. There is a lot to be said about Frieze and I will not be adding anything original if I were to hold forth on the pleasure of seeing up close so many seminal works and achieving such an immersion into the zeitgeist of collecting and the commercial gallery world, so I will stop here and hope to have a more strategic and incisive approach to my next Frieze experience.