London, theatre and dance, October 2015

Posted on November 1, 2014

This trip was all about visual arts and literature, so, whilst I managed to slip in over a dozen performing arts meetings, I spent all my “free” time going to galleries. I did manage to bookend the trip with some theatre before Frieze began and a bit of Dance Umbrella towards the end. Confirmation by Chris Thorpe was a huge hit at Edinburgh Festival this year, and one of the must see shows according to my network. So I was really looking forward to a bit of hard hitting politics at close quarters at Battersea Arts Centre. And yet…and yet…something about the earnest belligerence of the piece was very debating club and chippy, class conscious, trying too hard and really not making all that much sense. I did not feel the buzz. Jerome Bel’s Disabled Theatre was a piece I had decided resolutely NOT to see when it was touring Europe in my Brussels time. Always to great acclaim. And always to my surprise. My much respected colleagues at Back to Back Theatre had a lot to say about this show, and none of it good. But I wanted to catch up with my close friend who is the new Dance Umbrella EP and to check in with my dance buddies in a nice, crowded foyer, as respite from the chilly expanses of exhibition openings. All Miu Miu and disdain. So I braced myself. And was slightly pleased. Not thrilled. But not angry either. So that’s something.