Pause Festival

Posted on February 15, 2015

I took a few days’ annual leave to collaborate with the very small team behind this festival of new media and ideas in Melbourne. Their ambition is to be the Australian South by South West, and they certainly have a lot of energy in terms of the scale of the program this year. I worked behind the scenes mostly, coordinating their 47 volunteers on three days and spending another day attending the festival and its related events. I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Jess Scully of Vivid Ideas in the session The Future of Culture and I enjoyed diving into many areas of discussion where I was completely unmoored. Whilst I can see the potential to create connections between the many stakeholders involved in this event, I felt networking was missing and I did not make as many new connections personally as I would have hoped, as the mechanisms for encounters were not really in place. But this has given me a surge of new ideas and I have lots to look up and think about for the future.

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