Real Time Archive

Real Time Archive- 24 feature articles

These article originally appeared in RealTime issue numbers as listed and are reproduced with the permission of the writer and the publisher, Open City;

Real Time Traveller

Creation of Lucy Guerin Inc Archive for Real Time

Review of National Dance Forum

Interview with Steven Richardson of Dance Massive

Interview with Helen Cole, In Between Time Festival

Interview with Luke George- choreographer

Feature on national dance touring and the Roadwork initiative

Interview on creators of Black Marrow for Chunky Move

Interview with Phillip Adams of balletlab regarding his production, miracle

Interview with choreographer Antony Hamilton

Feature on the MAPS scheme for independent theatreĀ  and dance

Dance Education Feature

Interview with Philip Adams of Balletlab regarding his production Axeman Lullaby

Second of 2-part feature on international performing arts touring

Interview with David Tyndall, Director of Dancehouse Melbourne

Preview of dance at Sydney Festival

First of two features on international performing arts touring

Obituary for Tanja Liedtke

Feature on German choreographer Thomas Lehmen

Interview with New York choreographer Miguel Gutierrez

Interview with choreographer Lucy Guerin

Interview with German choreographerAntje Pfundtner

Interview with Philip Adams of Balletlab regarding his production Origami

Feature on Random Dance in the UK

Interview with Sophie Travers by Keith Gallasch

Interview with Simon Whitehead of Bonemap

Feature on Random Dance and new media

Feature on The Place National Dance Agency in London

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